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OAK HILL CONSULTING, INC. was established in 1993.  We believe that all projects should reflect the needs of the client, displaying efficiency of function, economic applicability and aesthetic appeal.


Professional services which contribute to the built environment is a highly complex undertaking.   The  firm has assembled a team of professionals and specialists necessary for the successful completion of  the process.  This team is compromised of engineers, planners, designers, technicians and support specialists.   Utilizing this multidiscipline team approach leads effectively to a strong solution for the client's requirements.  Consultants are included where the client's requirements are unique and additional  expertise is appropriate.


The general philosophy of the firm, and one which we consider the best and most workable approach to project control and management is a system that is simple and direct; one that is easy to use and easy to understand.  The phases of this system are logical and few.  First, the acceptance phase, which includes the functions of justification, approval, initial scheduling and priority resolution.  The second phase of control and reporting, which includes the functions of project status review and management reporting.  Finally, close-out and final acceptance of the completed work.


Some of the important tools used in project management and control are the basic project progress sheets and critical path methods which allows checking to see the project as a whole.  It helps identify timing problems, and show time savings possible from various strategies.


The following OAK HILL CONSULTING, INC. personnel are available and have been designated as the team available for this project.

Laurence V. Butler, P.E.

Mr. Butler is the President of OAK HILL CONSULTING, INC.  He has over 39 years of communications  experience in all phases of communications systems.  Project involvement has included all phases of outside plant engineering including microwave, coaxial cable, fiber optics and physical plant covering the areas of  telephony, CATV, closed circuit TV, audio and video systems, and educational networks.  Projects also include switching design for telephone, CATV and educational systems and internet.  Mr. Butler handles the engineering and management portion of your project.  Mr. Butler is a graduate of the University Of Minnesota with a BSEE.  He is a licensed professional engineer in nine midwestern states.

Dale E. Hoogeveen

Mr. Hoogeveen is a technician for OAK HILL CONSULTING, INC.  Mr. Hoogeveen joined Oak Hill Consulting, Inc. in 1999.  Mr. Hoogeveen has 22 years experience with the United State Army with a technical background in nuclear weapons maintenance, military intelligence electronic warfare systems maintenance, communications systems and network systems administration.  Mr. Hoogeveen assists with all phases of the project.  Mr. Hoogeveen is a graduate of Colorado Technical College.

Judy K. Butler

Ms. Butler is in charge of the Computer Aided Drafting for OAK HILL CONSULTING, INC.  She has 15 years of experience in Autocad and communications drafting and layout.  Ms. Butler handles all of the map development and records work for the project.  Ms. Butler is a graduate of Worthington Community College.

Ron Kroesche

Mr. Kroesche works within the Field Work and Construction Observation for the Firm. He has over 47 years of communications and construction experience and provides experience in telecommunications and construction field work and observation. Mr. Kroesche is available to handle field work, map development, construction observation and records work for your project.