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Communications Engineering

The diversity of the full-time staff maintained by OAK HILL CONSULTING, INC. has built a significant history of successful accomplishments in the communications field.  The Firm's engagements in the communication's field cover a wide range of services in management, engineering and operations.  Specifically, such engagements have included management and organization studies, systems and procedures consultation, personnel training and evaluations, economic feasibility studies and forecasts, property valuations and depreciation studies.   This wide range of engineering services includes:

              1.       Long Range System Facilities Planning.
              2.       Preparation of Project Estimates and Feasibility Reports.
  3.       Traffic Studies.

              4.       Transmission Studies.

              5.       Air Pressurization Studies.

              6.       Physical Plant Inventory and Evaluation, Including Computer Based Plant Mapping.

              7.       Rate Studies.

              8.       Outside Plant Engineering.

                        a.         Aerial and Buried Copper Telephone Cable.

                        b.         Aerial and Buried Coaxial Cable.

                        c.         Aerial and Buried Fiber Optic Cable.

                        d.         Conduit Systems.

                        e.         Microwave Systems.

              9.       Analog and Digital Subscriber Carrier Design.

            10.       Plant Record Development and Systems.              

                        a.         Manual Record Systems.

                        b.         PC Based CAD Mapping and Continuing Property Record Systems.

            11.       Central Office Equipment Engineering.

            12.       Subscriber Cabling and Premise Switching (PBX or PABX)

            13.       Assistance in the Purchase and Rebuilding of Existing Facilities.

            14.       New Facility Cut-over and Coordination Assistance.

            15.       Design and Implementation of Cable Television Systems.

            16.       Design and Implementation of 2-Way Educational Video Systems.

            17.       Closed Circuit Television Systems.

            18.       Audio And Video Systems.

            19.       Construction Observation.

            20.       Broadband Communications Systems

a.         Multi-facility Systems

b.         Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC)

c.         Fiber To The Home (FTTH)

            21.       Internet Service Provider (ISP) Development And Design.